Alberta, with its rugged and diverse landscape, offers an array of rock climbing areas that cater to various skill levels. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Bow Valley and Kananaskis Country: Known for its traditional, sport, and multi-pitch climbing, this area offers a plethora of climbing options on high-quality limestone and quartzite. Famous routes include those in the Grassi Lakes, Ha Ling Peak, and Cougar Canyon.
  2. Banff National Park: Home to the stunning Rockies, Banff offers numerous rock climbing areas, including Cascade Mountain, Lake Louise, and Tunnel Mountain. Here you'll find everything from beginner-friendly routes to extreme multi-pitch climbs.
  3. Jasper National Park: Its striking scenery and high-quality rock make it a haven for climbers. Edith Cavell and Tangle Ridge are two notable spots offering a range of climbing options, from traditional to sport.
  4. Crowsnest Pass: Known for its high concentration of bouldering opportunities, Crowsnest Pass has areas like the Frank Slide, which offers a unique climbing experience among the remnants of a historical landslide.
  5. Ghost River Wilderness Area: Offering remote, adventurous climbing experiences, Ghost River is not for the faint-hearted. With multi-pitch traditional climbing routes, the Ghost River area is popular among advanced climbers.
  6. Nordegg: This area is known for its ice climbing, but it also provides rock climbing routes on unique quartzite. It's a good place for those looking for less crowded climbing spots.
  7. Waterton Lakes National Park: The incredible views and diverse climbing routes make Waterton a top choice for climbers. However, its ruggedness and isolated location make it best suited for experienced climbers.

Please note that climbing conditions and access can change due to weather, wildlife activity, and other factors, so it's always best to check local information and guidelines before your trip.

So where to get topos and info? It's a big area and there's no single resource that covers it all.

A great place to start is Mountain Project

Vertical Addiction in Canmore and MEC carry most of the guidebooks.